Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24

Happy belated birthday to my writer friend Carrie who celebrated on Saturday. May this be your best year ever.

It is officially warm out. The air conditioner is on because the humidity is so high. Allergies abound. When I woke up with allergy pressure, itchy eyes and stuffy nose, I knew it was time to close up the windows and turn on the air-conditioning. It is sad that having the windows open only happens for only a few weeks in the Spring and Fall. But, I am lucky to have AC and central heat. Can you imagine how miserable life would be without it? We are very lucky indeed.
Spring flowers are every where filling the world with color and scent. The lilacs are in bloom. They are so sweet smelling. I cut some and brought them in. They are better than any form of canned scent or candle. What's in bloom where you are? Don't forget to add these observations to your seasons notebook to help ground your setting in time and place. Now to write a book set in May. :)



  1. Primroses are lining my road this morning.

    It's getting hot here too. My daughter is staying with my mom today because her usual sitter is on vacation. When she tried to turn on her AC last night, it didn't work. Hope I don't pick up a melted little puddle of baby when I get off work today.

  2. I know - I can't imagine how the settlers did it so many years ago.

  3. I imagine they stayed in the shade and hoped for a cool breeze. I can't imagine all the clothes they had to wear. whew! :)

    Linda hope your little one isn't a puddle. :)