Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 6

There is all kinds of news going on. The horrible flooding in Nashville has caused the RWA national conference to be moved to Orland Disney resorts. Oh, I want to go, but the original plan was to drive to Nashville which is only a half day's drive. Now I would have to fly. Orlando would offer me a chance to see and meet some great friends in Florida whom I haven't seen in years, but the cost is out of my league in these tough economic times. Sad.
I am swamped with work for the MA program-procrastination at it's best. And, of course, they are prepping for next semester so there will be two books to read, ten more pages to write and other stuff to ensure gets done before the next residency in June. That's next month.
I still have the two requests for revisions sitting on my desk gathering dust. My dd (darling daughter) is stressing over finals and everything looks a go for her to get her AA degree next weekend and move on to complete her BA next Fall. I have family invitations to parties that I would love to go to but they are a four hour drive away and I share my old car with two other people in the house who have to work. And as everyone around the world knows money is tight right now so you work when you can. Still, I want to go to everything and see everyone. Probably to procrastinate from the work at hand. lol. I know that many of you are swamped with the same issues right now. I find the best way is to write down everything, then prioritize it. Take it one small goal at a time or I get frozen by the sheer volume. What do you do when things get busy? And writer friends, are you going to Disney World? Can you stuff me in your suitcase? lol Cheers~


  1. The conference moved farther away from me too. I hadn't planned on going in the first place, but if it had moved closer, I might've considered it.

    Good luck on all your upcoming projects.

  2. Life's a juggle. And a struggle.

    There's so many things I want to do, so many places I want to go, and not enough time, energy, or money to do even half. I'm going to one conference this year and it's in the same town as my dad so I can use my vacation time to do both.

  3. Hi Linda, thanks for stopping by. I was hoping for it to be moved to Chicago-lol, or St. Louis. Oh, well. It sounds like it will be fun for all who attend.

    Hi Ashley, love the poetry in your comment. So glad you will be able to make one conference and to see your Dad.