Friday, May 28, 2010

May 28

I cannot believe another month has flown by. Yikes! It's a long weekend and the official start of summer here. We celebrate the memory of all the fallen soldiers who kept this country safe. (Although many people also take this weekend to remember family and friends who have passed on.) The cemeteries sparkle with fresh flags and silk and real flowers.
It is going to be a warm one and I think grilling and picnics will commence. I'm not sure I'll be out swimming in the lake. The water is still too cold, but the sights and smells of summertime are a welcome thing.
Have a safe and happy holiday. Cheers~


  1. Warm and humid here.

    Nancy, I enjoy coming to your blog every day. It's a place of peace!

  2. Thanks L. Diane. Your comment means a lot to me. (((hugs)))