Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May 26

It's a quiet day today. We all need quiet days to rest and think about what has happened and what is to come. It's the same with characters in a book. They need quiet time to reflect. A book can't be all action. It's best if you think of a story as a roller coaster. Yes the trip down is exciting but every now and then, you need to have that slow anticipatory climb to allow the reader to catch their breath and process what has happened and what may happen next.
So, yay for quiet days, even if the dogs got out of their yard and rolled in something they shouldn't. It allowed me to see that my clematis, which has been over taken by the grape vine is blooming bravely. So I have lovely flowers peaking out between the grape leaves. I'll try to get a picture to post. Cheers~

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  1. Hi, Nancy! I'm going to the writers residency in June. Are you going?