Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14

The month is almost half over. Gah! I'm mailing off a book today that I really like and I hope they pick it up so you all can read it, too. I discovered a very nice review of one of my old books, "The Bettin' Kind" this morning. Her only complaint-which I get a lot with my Avalon Books-is that she wished it were longer. Yes, me, too. LOL Avalon has a set size that their writers must adhere to. Funny thing is that most of my books are longer-much longer- but must be cut and scaled way back before Avalon buys them. I am not complaining. It's one of the rules of publishing. Make your work fit the publisher's model. Sometimes it makes the book stronger as there is no room for a sagging middle or redundancy. Sometimes I am sad to cut what I think are really cute scenes. When this book sells, maybe I'll post deleted scenes on my website. Would you be interested in that?
Thank you to the reader who gave it such a great review and thank you to Avalon for publishing my stories so that I can share the fun with you. Happy weekend my friends!


  1. I would LOVE to read some deleted scenes on your website. I was planning on doing that too with the next book I have coming out. I think it's a grand idea.

  2. Yay for deleted scenes! I'd love to read some, Nancy!

  3. I will post them with the next sale. I think it might be fun. Thanks for the feedback! Cheers~