Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1

Welcome to a new month! The sun is shining and everything is bright, damp from last night's storms, but warm.

If you read my Sunday blog - - you'll know that I was reading an article on marketing and ...oh, dear... I feel that I have failed a bit in my blogging here. For one of the tenets of this marketing article was to provide "value added" information on your web site. (Which I do post several how-to articles.) But the article said that your blog must be "value added" as well. Oh, boy- this means that my daily blathering must actually have meaning to you that emphasises my brand... hmmm. LOL- my current brand blurb is "Making the every day extraordinary." I took this brand because my stories are about every day people- in extraordinary circumstances. As well as if you read one of my books I hope that my stories make your every day extraordinarily entertaining. (I know- seems like a pretty bold statement- LOL) I've run my daily blog sort of as a "girl next door" blog- the every day part of my brand. I want to be accessible to a degree and include you in my life as an author. Hopefully in an encouraging way...

Now for part two where I fear I fail... the article said- "So many out on the web seem to have made "neurotic, negative, cynical" their brand, and they express it everywhere they go. Ack! who wants to be around that? what reader is going to be inspired by that?" I thought about my musings on a balanced life and my whining about how long it takes for publishers to look at unagented work and how crazy it is to get an agent, and in general how slow the biz is may be misconstrued as "neurotic, negative and cynical"- yikes! My apologies! *Smile* I think my hope was to show readers who are writers-unpubbed and pubbed-that we are all in the same boat. Rejection is not personal. Long waits and dry spells are common. And well, perhaps to slip in a complaint or two-as I'm human...

So- on a quest to create and carefully maintain my personal brand, I will straighten up. And hereby pledge to do my best to bring you "value added" bits and disperse the "neurotic, negative and cynical." Tall order for my little world... ;) Cheers!


  1. I like the "neurotic" I don't often see the negative, and I understand the cynical.

    Having said that, I commend you for commiting to spin positive with your blog. But you must understand that you already provide a "value added" service to your readers by being honest with your post.