Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15

I'm reading critiques for my MA program. I enjoy dipping my toe into other people's stories. They are funny, interesting and cool.

I'm also reading a thick workbook full of essays by famous writers with discussion questions. I had to laugh- the first essay was by a woman who has been a writer in residence at a university for almost twenty years and won momentous awards that I would not ever imagine I would win. She states in her essay that it takes 2 to 15 years to write a book- and- anyone who says different is lying. :) She went on to say that sure, some people are famous for being prolific, but some people can also lift cars. Don't expect it to happen to you.

Her point of view when it comes to the work was solid and dead on, but I laughed at her stringent assurance that 2 to 15 years is the only length of time possible in writing a book unless you are a super hero.

Personally, I think it is a sign of snobbery/arrogance or maybe even doubt in your own process that makes people state these things as fact. Let me just repeat - however long your process takes is valid. Because no two processes are ever alike. Don't let anyone-ever- declare your process wrong or untruthful. Cheers!

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