Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6

Planted hostas today. It is a cool day here and overcast... a good day for running errands and taking naps. We've been listening to fire crackers all last night and most of this morning. I think the local highschools held their graduation and so the kids on the lake are celebrating.

I'm tweaking bits of my website. Someone suggested I add a catalog button where you can see all my titles on one page- so I did that and also put in buy links. They take you to - but you can also buy through,,, and come July 31st (The buy buttons are in response to an e-mail I received yesterday saying that this person could not find my books on amazon. I checked they are there- they have not run out. But- I only have hard cover books- so when it says there are no paperback books it's because...well, there have never been paperback books. Only hardcover. If the price is too steep ask for me at your local library. If they don't have me, they should be able to get me through interlibrary loan. (I hope to have a form up soon that you can fill out and take to your library to request they buy my books.)

None of my books is out of print yet. So, if you want to read my stories there is a way to purchase one. (They make a great beach read!)

Happy weekend everyone!

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