Monday, June 8, 2009

June 8

I went to see a movie yesterday. (Ironically this was because it was too cold and rainy to do what I really wanted to do.) It was a romantic comedy that got some bad reviews- but I enjoyed it. I laughed out loud and I wasn't the only one. There were twenty or thirty people in the theater and I think we all had fun.
I mention it because one of the central themes of the movie was of acceptance of life and how to face things that are out of our control-which face, it is most things. The central character had lost her job and was stuck in what she saw as a lousy dead end job as a tour guide in Greece. Nothing went right. At one point she pitched a fit that the problem with Greece was that no one took anything seriously- the elevator goes out-they dance. Get arrested? They dance. Bus breaks down...they dance. They are all insane! But by the end of the movie she understood that when things happen that you can't control you have two choices- stomp around, shake your fist and curse (which changes nothing) or dance (which at the very least is good exercise and sometimes is so absurd it puts a smile on your face.)
So, I want to end with-- "and now... we dance!" Happy Monday!

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