Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30

I am still sorting through all the things I stuffed into my suitcases when I packed from my trip. I discovered, sadly, that when I took off my rings and put them in the security bins, I left them in the bin and walked off. I was in such a rush-with people pushing and shoving and my shoes off and my computer out and papers flying- literally- I didn't check the bins. I didn't even realize I didn't have the rings until it was time to board and then it was too late.

Still when I got home I went through my cases hoping that I had simply stuffed the rings away somewhere. I didn't. So, I went to the airport webpage and retrieved the number for lost and found. I called this morning. The helpful woman on the other side said that no rings had been turned in on Sunday. sigh. I left the description anyway. Thirty minutes later she called back. Someone had turned them in on Monday - - They are now being mailed back to me c.o.d. I'm glad. They were my favorite rings. So a simple thank you to the person who turned them in and another thank you for the airport lost and found lady, Linda, for continuing the search and locating them for me. There are good people in the world. Cheers!

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  1. How cool is that? Yay honest people of the world! So happy you got your rings back!