Friday, June 12, 2009

June 12

I sent off the partial - first three chapters and synopsis- for the YA historical yesterday. So, that's in the mail and out of my hands. Today, more revisions and critiques.

I downloaded a step by step "how-to" create your own book trailer article to read. Do you have a book trailer? Do you watch book trailers?

There is some thought that book trailers are old hat- a dead trend that was cool two years ago but now there are so many that no one cares. Some people pay big dollars to have book trailers created for them. Personally, I think a book trailer on TV may be of some benefit-if you are a NYT Bestseller. It reminds people to pick up your latest book. But for midlist authors... I don't know. It might be something cool to put on your website. Just another little "value-added" piece of marketing. So if you have one- do it yourself and don't spend too much money on it.

Books are an impulse buy- that means unless the reader downloads your trailer on their smart phone and carries it into the store with them- it really is your name or cover or writing that gets someone to buy your book. The rest is just stuff to do so that the author "feels" like they are doing their bit to market their books. (Just my opinion folks.)

Happy Friday!

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  1. Yeah, there's a lot of things we do just to feel like we are contributing. Experience helps us to weed out the really poor ones.

    I am hoping for a book trailer before the summer is over!

    L. Diane Wolfe