Saturday, June 20, 2009

June 20

Interesting news tidbit- my e-publisher, The Wild Rose Press, just signed a contract with Lightning Source, Inc to allow their titles to be included in their book vending machines. Book vending machines? Yes, I guess it will work like the RedBox machines do for movies... only (please correct me if I'm wrong) I think instead of stocking the machines, they actually print, cover and bind the book while you wait.... wild.

Here's the quote,"The Lightning Source Espresso Book Machine Channel will give publishers the option to make available the books they have stored in the Lightning Source digital library, and have those titles printed, bound, and delivered at point of sale, on demand, in minutes."

Okay- really, it's cool. Isn't it? I can't imagine that it will make the author millions, but still it's cool. I think they should put one in every rest stop, waiting room and airport in the US. Book anyone? Cheers

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