Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February 10- The hula hoop

I try to exercise...really. I used to run. Yeah, one of those nuts. At one time I was running five miles a day, but I quit when my back hurt and now my knees make this funny crunchy sound. So, I walk and do yoga and look for something more fun.

Which brings me to an article I read, where a best selling author claimed she worked out by using a hula hoop. Yes, the toy. She claimed that five minutes of hula hoop burns the equivalent calories to running for an hour. Sounds incredible. I had to try it.

Bought the hula hoop and discovered:
1) I can't figure out the correct movement to keep the darn thing going.
2) My dogs like to watch and secretly giggle behind their puppy paws.
3) It does burn calories-but not from the hula motion...noooo- it burns calories from all the squats you do picking up the hoop as it falls straight to the ground.

Still with the promise of losing inches on the tummy and fast calorie burn I'll keep trying. Sooner or later I'll figure it out or my butt will look great from all the squats.

1 comment:

  1. I have one around somewhere, but never use it. Also have an elliptical machine, but never use it. I do walk when the sidewalks are clear and it's not zero, so I'm walking today. It felt good after 3 months of crappy weather.

    Morgan Mandel