Sunday, February 8, 2009

February 8

Today, more errands. The little dog goes for a groom. If it seems like I just did this-I did. But the groomer was new and did a bad job that grew out too fast. Gracie is a Bichon. If her hair is long it must be double brushed every day or it mats. I love my dog but the bigger dog, George, likes to slobber all over Gracie and well, who has that kind of time to comb out mats? So, off we go in hopes of getting a shorter cut.

Sad part is Gracie likes haircuts about like I do- We get her in the car and turn toward the groomer and she starts to shake and cry. (I can relate. All I have to do is wake up knowing I'm off to the salon and I have the same reaction.) Some dogs love the attention. Not Gracie-it's something we have in common.


  1. Oh dear! I sympathise with you - I took Josephine to the vet today for her cortisone injection and the pathetic meouws soon turned to hissing growls which became a huge fit of the sulks as soon as we got home...!

  2. Ha! Boy do I understand that. Hope Josephine is feeling happier today.

    Gracie now has a fluffy head and tiny body-hair cut to 3/8 an inch. But she is so much happier when it only takes me ten minutes to brush her.

  3. Yes, the moment she got hungry I was forgiven! :)

    Gracie's cut sounds very glam!