Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February 18-the view

Today the view from my window grows more interesting. The lake is quick silver. Water patches rest in puddles on the top, but the lake itself is still frozen. How do I know this? Coyote just trotted by on top of the water. I wonder if he is hoping to snag a lazy goose. Yes, the geese are back, honking and standing one legged on the ice, drinking from the puddles. The banks of the lake are yellow/brown grass with patches of white snow where the shadows block the sun. The willow tree in the far distance stands out a bright tan while the other trees are stark brown lines and limbs.

Water drips in slow fat plops from everything as it rained only a few moments ago. Now, that rain is occasional fat white flakes of snow floating from the sky. As if it can't make up it's mind whether it is winter or spring.

No longer the quiet of mid winter, a cardinal sings...shoe,shoe,shoe, shoe.... geese honk.

I see a small sparrow at the tip of the Ash tree, a fat rounded silhouette in all the long lines of branches. The cardinal flits by a flash of red. The geese gather noisily for their morning coffee break, black vees in a silver white clouded sky.

Life returns Spring can't be far behind.


  1. I'm jealous. You do have a great view from your window.

    Morgan Mandel

  2. I'm just as jealous as Morgan! It sounds like you're living in Eden while I live in the middle of crime city! :(

  3. When we bought the house, the home inspector said it was worth the price just for the view from my office window. I have to agree!

    As for living in Eden...ha! Some people say we live out in the boon docks...far from anything.