Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February 17

Yesterday's big excitement-besides sending out a query and then having second thoughts and wondering if I could have added something else (time will tell)- was watching six white tailed deer wonder through the woods behind my house.They always seem to know when the big dog, George, is inside. Lovely creatures... but of course the men in the family don't think of it like that. My son says, "where's the gun? Yum! Meat for another few months." (Hunting season is over.) My husband says, "That's a lot of deer so close to the houses. They must be way over populated. It hasn't been that cold that they have to come in for food...has it?" Um, yeah, we've had the third longest snow covered ground in recorded history.

Anyway-interesting to see the differences in viewing the deer. Definitely gives you an idea of each person's point of view.

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  1. Ah no! How can they look at the cute little deer and think meat?!?!?