Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 22 Chronically Creative

I spend a great deal of time making stuff up. I am pretty sure that's not "normal." But I can't imagine life any other way. If someone asks, "What are you doing today?" I don't know, so I make something up. "I'm going to the mall." They ask "What's for dinner?" I don't know, I'll go into the kitchen and make something up. In a job interview they ask what would you do in this situation. Again- I'd don't know so... I make something up. When asked, how are you going to go about marketing your book...again- I don't know. But one thing is for certain- I'll make something up.

It's what I do. Who I am. The answers are usually creative and innovative. Why? Because I don't follow "the rules" and do what everyone else does. I don't know how. I get bored. I'm in a hurry- I simply...make something up.

I have to admit this frustrates the heck out of a lot of people.*shrug* I've tried to stop. Really. I've tried to follow the herd-but then my brain thinks up something and poof... I'm making something up. It's a gift- or a curse. It's something about myself I've accepted- whether the rest of the world does or not. Call me a liar or chronically creative- doesn't matter,I'm too busy--making something up.


  1. "Chronically Creative" - nice phrase, did you make that up? ;)