Monday, February 2, 2009

February 2-Goals

Oh, boy, time to turn my calendar and set up all my goals for a new month. I celebrated hitting last months goals, but now it's time to look at what work I want to accomplish this month. Time marches on...sigh.

My goal this month is to take the thriller manuscript I completed last fall- and show it to agents. Completing and polishing a full manuscript and sending it out to be read and critiqued is only the first part. Next I need to make any changes my readers spoke about, reread and revise yet again. Then a synopsis must be written. When I write a full draft, I generally don't write a synopsis, I create the characters and their problems and see how they handle it. So, now I have to go back and explain the story in five pages or less.

Once I have polished the manuscript yet again, and written a selling synopsis, then it's time to create the sell sheet. After the sell sheet is written and polished, query letters can be written and sent out with what information the agent or editor requests.

So-lots of work and goals this month. Hopefully I'll have them to celebrate at the beginning of next month. What are you goals for the month? Or do you not need goals to motivate you?

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