Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11

Oh boy, I am having a day. It took me an hour to even get on the computer. The first start up took 30 minutes then froze and I had to do a hard shut down and then start all over. Once I did that I got a notice from my virus software telling me that it was their newest update that may be causing the problem-but there will be a patch soon to fix that...or maybe my computer is just incompatable. (Seriously, that's what the pop up said. sigh.) I don't think they want that if they want me to buy another year's worth. *shakes head*
Then I replied to a comment on my Sunday blog and it didn't take. Got lost in cyber space. Sigh. Come on people I have work to do and it's all on line! *frustrated grrr*
On the happy news side, I have my windows open. So, okay it's 38 degree and the bichon is shivering but I love the fresh air and I'll tuck a blanket around the dog.
Tell me how your day is going. Is it simply a bad biorhythms day for me or is there something in the air? (Hope it's just me. But if not, feel free to complain.)

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