Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30

It's a full moon, spring break, Passover and Holy Week. That's a lot of stuff to digest. The full moon leads to Passover, of course, which generally leads to Holy Week. Spring break is an added bonus this year. So I am thinking of holidays and family celebrations and traditions. I like to watch the new show "Parenthood" on NBC. I like the actors and then I fell for the characters. They are a big family that tends to pull each other through tough times and the funny and heartbreaking situations of parenthood. In this show they tend to get together for dinner at the grandparents home outside in the back yard at least once a week. It's set in California so this seems to be okay, but I keep wondering what about the bugs? lol- Back to subject, do you think about holidays when writing your books? Do you think about the implications of family and friends? These things-yes even the full moon-effect people in real life. That means they should have some effect on the characters in your books. Right?

Just my random thoughts on this busy week. I hope you enjoy your day. Cheers~


  1. Haven't seen Parenthood - I just hate to think of Craig T. Nelson as getting old!

  2. My friend who works in day care always complains about the full moon - it certainly does effect people! I love including family dynamics in my writing, there's so much good stuff to explore there.

  3. Hi L. Diane, I love Craig T. Nelson and he does a good job playing the head of the family in this show.

    Hi Susan, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I think adding family details really enriches a story. cheers~