Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12

Big dog George is sick. He was restless yesterday-could not get comfortable and would not put his head down. He did not eat his dinner or his favorite green bean snack. This morning he wouldn't move and refused to eat cheese. So we hauled him to his least favorite place- the vet. They admitted him for tests.
Meanwhile little dog Gracie Lu (boo-boo) is upset. Why is George getting so much attention? And then we had the audacity to leave her home alone and take him somewhere. She is never left home alone! Boy did we hear about it when we got back. And, she says, if he comes back smelling pretty and with a bigger bow then hers she'll be pissed! :)

Aren't pets wonderful?


  1. Our Yorkie is the same way. We have to put him outside before we go anywhere, otherwise he'll poop by the door so when we walk in its right there. His way of letting us know he's none too happy with us.

    Stephen Tremp

  2. Oh! I hope George feels better soon!

  3. Hi Stephen, lol. Great dog story. They are funny. Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Allie, thanks.

    Update is that George is pretty sick. They are keeping him for 2-4 days with IV antibiotics and fluids- they are trying to get his counts all right. Right now not only does he have an unseen infection but he is anemic and may need a transfusion if things don't turn around. :(