Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 16

It's Tuesday and only four more days until Spring! Big dog George has come home. He is not well, yet but on his way. He needs hourly care so we set up a schedule. The vet says it is an infection of his gastrointestinal track- who knows how they get it. Dogs put their noses everywhere. Little dog Gracie is having a struggle with George getting hourly food and pills and she doesn't. Her nose is a tad bent out of shape. The doggie characters are so funny. George is clearly an "oldest" and Gracie is clearly a "baby of the family." There are scientists who say dogs don't have personalities- we humans assign them one but I disagree. I think every living thing has a personality and we humans recognize them. Hmmm- there is a story in there somewhere- between a scientist and an empathic. Cheers~

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