Friday, March 19, 2010

March 19

I am once again out of the office and on a wifi network. I love that I can post from almost anywhere. The energy is different when you go out in the world. I know several writers who opt to write only in coffee shops. I'm not certain that would work for me. I am easily distracted. I sometimes will write with music playing but mostly it's the quiet of the office. I know a NYT Bestselling author who writes with CNN blaring in the background. So- when you write do you like it quiet? Do you have a favorite sound track or do you have the TV blaring? Inquiring minds want to know. Cheers~


  1. I can write anywhere, but a coffee shop would definitely be too distracting!

  2. I've worked under the oddest of circumstances, in the most bizarre locales, but I do prefer quiet and solitude when I write. I usually don't mind music, if it's played low. Coffee shop writing doesn't work for me at all for some reason. Too many people around, I suppose.

  3. I go to the coffeeshop or bookstore for the "relative" quiet. At home, my kids fight with very loud voices, my daughter gets bored and won't leave me alone 'til I take her somewhere fun, and my hubby is also very loud. If I put in earplugs at home, I get poked incessantly with a question. At the bookstore I can at least keep the earplugs in.

    But someday, I'll get a quiet office. Then I'll probably miss my kids so much I won't be able to stand it.