Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3

The internet is slow today. I have no idea why. It is part of the randomness that is life. :)

I have more work to do on my MA pages- I was supposed to work on them yesterday but instead started the Spring cleaning I talked about the other day. Just bits and pieces, like dusting the ceiling fan in the foyer, and dusting the cobwebs from the corners and off the walls. Funny how they all pop up out of no where once the sun comes out in March. Funner still how I procrastinate from my writing. How is it that I'd prefer to be up on a chair chasing cobwebs then in my office doing something I love? hmmm- fear of failure or fear of success. Either way it's a bit crazy. How about you? Do you put off doing what you love and instead find yourself doing silly things-like wiping down lightbulbs? :)

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