Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22

Happy Birthday to my mom-in-law Marlene. I hope you have the best year ever.

There is a computer story to go with why this post is so late. As I posted last week, my virus protection was about to expire. I didn't like last year's software, so I switched back to what I had the year before. Oh, boy... Sunday was a 7 hour "deep scan." I was stuck at my computer making sure the screen saver didn't make a mess of the scan. All to discover there were two "cookies." Sigh. Which the program fixed in two minutes.
This morning I logged on to repeated warnings and "bug" panels. After several e-mails I called the tech support. They took over my computer to "fix" it-asking me to stay with the computer to help when they needed passwords. Five hours later, I had to tell them I had to log off because I was chauffeur today and had to make dinner, etc. But, they told me I could call again tomorrow. Sigh. If I'm late blogging tomorrow you'll know what is going on.
And no- I don't have a virus...


  1. We recenty switched to an iMac. Spent some extra $$$ but well worth every dollar. Tech support is awesome and answer right away.

    Thanks for the FB birthday wish.

    Stephen Tremp