Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23

My adventures with antivirus software continue. This morning I cannot open my firefox browser. The security systems are still a mess and it took an hour before I could even get on line. Sigh. I had asked for my money back yesterday but they promised me their tech could fix it. (Did I mention that each time they re-install the darn thing goes through a 7 hour scan?) Just in hours lost of work on my lap top I'm into this for 19 hours. It's why I'm reluctant to call them back up this morning. I have a life. I have work. sigh. But I also want a product that works or I want my money back. Funny how only last year this virus protection plan worked well for me.
Did I mention that the tech told me my 3.5 year old lap top was "old?" Sheesh. So, what, you're supposed to pay $600-800 a YEAR for computers. Please.
Yes, crankiness abounds in my world right now. My goal is to get as much work done as I can this morning, then call and get my money back- and, of course, try something else. Wish me luck. I hope your week is better than mine. Any good news out there? Leave me a comment I'd love to hear. cheers~


  1. Sorry! Which virus product did you go with? I'll avoid it like the plague!

  2. Hi L. Diane, I'll e-mail you which one it is. Funny but I used it without any troubles at all in 2008. sigh. Thanks for stopping by!