Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24

I never realized how connected I was to the internet until I lost it for so many hours this week. I have mountains of work to do to catch up. I'm not certain if the computer is in the clear yet. I was on with tech support for over three hours yesterday as the anti virus program had a trogan attached- yea- but the good news is I have a free one year subscription for tech support. The tech people are nice considering I bet they get a lot of irate people on the phone. Still I find it crazy how the whole world changes when a virus slips in.
Oh- my next thriller is going to be about a killer computer virus... I take inspiration where ever it comes. :)
Hope your week is better. Cheers~


  1. Glad you're back!
    I know - when I'm on the road, I freak when I return and realize how much I need to do online to catch up.
    Be sure to check my Sunday Sillies post - there's an LOL Cats photo that you will love!