Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 24

The view from my window is one of Spring. Not the Spring you imagine with green grass and flowers, but the spring of patchy blue-gray rain clouds with the sun streaming through. The lake is too full and sparkles around the trunks of the trees on the banks. The wild geese and ducks holler and battle each other. Birds sing and fight for territory. The French pussy willow is in full fuzz while the rest of the trees have barely discernible buds. In the bare branched woods you can see the squirrels jumping from branch to branch. A pair of chipmunks play mating games. The earth is mud and smells loamy and thawing. The real spring is edgy and angry and dirty and sexy. It promises the green to come-along with baby bunnies and ducklings still weeks away. I can't wait. Cheers~


  1. I always like the peace I get when visiting your blog!

    Sorry about all your virus program issues. We had Norton for a long time ans switched last year to Symantec and it's even better!

  2. Aww... Now you've made me all anxious for Spring! Last week, we had snow. But this week, we're flash flooding. So, we're getting close!

  3. Thanks L. Diane, I think next year I'll get Symantec. Lesson learned. :)

    Linda, Kansas is always good for flash floods in the Spring. I remember how the Walnut River swells!