Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29

Wow, last week was a mess- I had two March 24th posts and no March 25th- sigh. I posted on the 25th and titled it the 24th-that is where my state of mind was last week. Things are still slow on my computer today and it has been suggeted that a four year old lap top might really be aging to a point of no return. To which I answer- nooooo- I just bought it! lol. Everything is so disposable these days. All I can do is back up, back up, back up and keep squeaking out another day on my beloved HP. Hey, my HP desktop is six years old- it might be slow and running XP but it still does the things I need it to do. And it has a flat screen monitor. Do you watch NCIS? Have you noticed that they are still using the big monitors. Gibbs, I understand keeping the big monitor, but not McGee- the computer geek of all people should have gone flat screen years ago. But I digress, :) All you fellow bloggers have you noticed the new tool bar in blogger? Looks cool- but where is the spell check? Of all things to leave out-spell check is not one of them. Can we take out the line through button and replace it with spell check?  Any ideas?
Cheers everyone- have a great Monday.


  1. When I switched to the new Blogger format, I was dismayed that the Spellcheck was gone! Now I have to type everything out in Word first.

    BTW - my main computer is 3+ years old and my second computer is 6+ years old - and both work fine! We even gave away my 9+ year old computer because we'd run out of room - but it still operated just fine as well!

    Don't let them tell you it's hopelessly obsolete yet!

  2. XP is old?? Man, I'm so behind. I haven't noticed a new tool bar in Blogger either. So, not only am I behind, but I'm blind too!!

  3. L. Diane, I will cling to my "old" computers- lol.

    Linda, I think what happened is I switched to the new blogger editor in settings. I am thinking if I go back to the old editor I may find spell check again. :)