Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 18

It's Thursday already. Wow time flies. I realized that my goal of reading more has gone by the wayside. Even the books I have to read for class have been staring at me from my nightstand and endtables. There always seems to be a more pressing issue--like who got kicked off American Idol. Sheesh. Procrastination at its best. Now that the sun is out, the snow all gone and the ice off the lake, I find all I want to do is go for a walk. Or do outside chores like muck out the dog yard instead of read. I think I have lost my reading mojo. As a kid I'd much rather read than go outside and do chores. I wonder what changed? And how do I get it back? What about you- how's your reading going?


  1. I haven't watched regular TV since 2004 (only DVDs of favorite shows and movies now), so I actually still read a lot. A novel a week and a few short stories are my usual average. Still, even for an insomniac like me, there are too few hours in a day to accomplish all I want to do. Plus, the beagle is insisting on longer and longer walks in the evening now that our snow has vanished. I find myself mourning the passing of winter every year, as I always seem to get so much more done. I'm an odd duck in that regard...Spring makes me a bit sad.


  2. Oh Martin, you make me smile. I have SAD so I always feel better when there is more sunshine. You remind me of Batman- who does his best in the darkest hours. Hug the Beagle for me.

  3. Well, Lisa would possibly compare me more to Barnabas Collins than Batman. Heh.

    Weirdly enough, I'm somewhat photo-sensitive and bright sunlight can drive me into a migraine if I'm not careful. Also, it tends to drain color from my vision. One of the many reasons that I'm an evening person, but I do write mostly during the day.

    I'd probably never work at night if I could sleep like most everyone else. Still, it's a productive problem to have, and I rarely feel ill effects from lack of sleep. I do tend to get a lot done, too.

  4. I'm an American Idol addict so I can relate. I've been doing so much promoting the past month for my book coming out today and the one coming out Wednesday, I've hardly done any writing and less reading.