Monday, October 10, 2011

Oct. 10

Tonight little dog and I went for our walk later. The moon was out and it was huge and round and bright. I would call it a harvest moon. The street lights started to pop on one by one. We walked across a bridge where the sound of frogs singing filled the cool air. The ducks were all off somewhere else, leaving the marshy smelling pond with the perfect twin logs sticking out of it empty. The leaves are falling fast and thick. They are close to four inches deep where they were blown off the sidewalk and mounded up on the grass. Little dog loves the wide variety of smells the mounds contain and happily ruins the piles searching for bugs and other secrets the leaves hold.
I see the vast array of birds flying high above me across the moon, heading south. It makes me wonder why we, humans, don't migrate south in the winter? Unless we're retired that is... lol. Cheers~

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