Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oct. 26

It smelled like snow outside today. I think it was just the wind talking as the temperature was 50 degrees F - the sky was gray and completely covered in clouds. Little dog and I are walking in the dark these days. I think I want a walking stick. I worry about coyotes popping out of the tall grass. Seriously the conservation area we pass has slough grass that is as tall as me. Sometimes even little dog gets spooked when it starts to rustle.
We have all the last minute stink bugs/squash beetles clinging to the outside walls and doors trying to find a place to stay warm. This morning there was a group of mallard ducks along the pond. They all slipped into the water as we passed by. Little dog is great. She never barked once, although she wanted to chase them very badly.
How is your weather?


  1. It's 50 degrees here today. A little rain to the south of us, but we're dry.

    My husband got a free cattle prod at the Farm Show one year and I talk that walking with me sometimes!

  2. LOL Linda- I could use a cattle prod... hmmm, perhaps a taser..