Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oct. 12

Do you want to hear about my new job? I work with scientists. Yesterday they ran an experiment and I got to witness and photograph them as they did baseline drug testing, then "spilled" or in this case "poured" a powerful liquid drug on their hands and waited sixty seconds. Then they washed their hands carefully and after an two hours took a second drug test. Why? Because someone was using the reason they failed their drug test as they spilled the drug on their bare hand. As scientists, my employers didn't say- "that's ridiculous." What they said was, "Let's see if that could be true." Was it true? I don't know yet as the testing has to be done. All in all it makes life interesting when you work for people who say, "let's prove it."
Now, I'm wondering how I can write that into a book~ lol.
Do you know someone who's job is interesting to watch? Say a fudge maker? Jeweler? Painter? What do you like about watching them work?


  1. Aircraft Mechanic… trust me it is truly INTERESTING (at times)...

  2. Cool. It's like you work for Myth Busters!

  3. Marty- I bet it is interesting!
    Linda- you're right, I do! LOL I'll have to tell them that. They'll like it.