Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oct. 27

How many of you will be doing nanowrimo? That's the contest where you try to write a book in the month of November- or at least hit a set number of words say 50,000. It is used by writers to motivate them into finally finishing the book. I think Nano can be great fun, although I've never done one personally. I do like to see everyone joining in on-line and supporting each other. The truth is that in "real life" there is no one motivating you to do a job- even a job you love. so there has to be a certain level of self motivation to get a book written.
Let me know if you are hoping to knock out words next month. Cheers~


  1. I've started so many books already that I want to work on, I don't think I can do Nano. Don't you have to start something from scratch? I dunno!

  2. Oh, Linda, I don't know - perhaps you do have to start from scratch. Keep working - you write enough you don't need motivation - lol