Monday, October 3, 2011

Oct. 3

This weekend I harvested the grapes. It was over two hours of cleaning and sorting them into a big pot where I cooked them down to juice. The juice was then twice strained and frozen. We got a gallon and a half off of one grape vine. The next time I have a large section of time I'll make jelly with the juice. The juice is darker this year. We waited longer to harvest the grapes. I hope the jelly has more flavor this year. It was good last year, but delicate. I prefer more grape flavor. We will see.
What did you do this weekend?


  1. Hey Nancy, with your juice - if you "cook it down" a bit will that strengthen the flavor of the grapes?

  2. Cool. Did you dump them into a big vat and dance around barefoot on them like they did in the movie A WALK IN THE CLOUDS. I liked that movie!

  3. Hi Marty, I cooked it down more this year, so we had the same thought.
    Linda, I kept thinking of "I Love Lucy" when she squished grapes barefoot. But no, I merely cooked them in a big pot.