Monday, October 31, 2011

Oct. 31

Happy Halloween!!

I had four children come to my door. I'm used to at least 100 children. So now what to do with all the candy...
One of the women I work with said her 6-year-old and her class were donating all the candy they collect to soldiers in Afghanistan. When the woman asked her daughter if she didn't want to keep some of the candy the little girl said- "No. Those guys are out their protecting me. I can give them my candy." How sweet is that? It made tears come to my eyes. As a Vet who was overseas- even if it wasn't in a war zone-to know people at home think about you is important. So is a taste of home.
I'm going to take my leftover candy in to work and ask her to give it to her little girl to take to class...
Heroes come in all sizes and ages. Cheers~


  1. That is definitely sweet!

    I had two stops and a total of four trick or treaters too; 4 more than ever before!

  2. Yay for four!! I'll be over to see pictures of your little girl's costume. Cheers~