Friday, October 7, 2011

Oct. 7

I'm afraid I've been a bit boring lately. In part because I've been crazy busy. I'm writing and that is important as well as watching the leaves fall in an alarming rate. The grape vine has given up and is half gone. Sometimes I talk a lot about the little things because there are so many big things going on and it is the little things that get lost in my head. I pay careful attention to them. If you are keeping a season's notebook don't forget to add Indian Summer to your descriptions. Those are the perfect Autumn days when it is neither too hot, nor too cold. The original term was used after the first frost-if we had a warm up we would get a second or "Indian" summer. I forget about this part of the season when I'm writing. So it is a good detail for the notebook.
I'm glad you visit me at this little blog. Comments are welcome I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Cheers~

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  1. I AM having a fabulous weekend with the FABULOUS Indian Summer!!!