Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oct. 19

Today was cold, windy with rain that fell thickly. Trees waved in the wind. Leaves swirled in tiny devils on the ground then stuck flat and wet to windows and doors. Birds hid in the remaining leafy trees and sang a song to brighten the day. A lone tree held tightly to its bright red leaves, the top most branches having lost their battle stood bare against the silver thick sky. The earth absorbed the water while the tiniest of creatures scurried to their winter dens.
Here in the USA we call this football weather or turkey weather. Time to gather inside with the warmth of the oven roasting full meals and the television blaring over the top of family chatter. We visit and root for our teams. We bake pies and cakes and goodies. We tell ghost stories and share our bounty. Deep fall is the storm before the cold when we are happy for the change of season before the darkness gets on our nerves and makes us dream of summer once more.

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