Monday, October 17, 2011

Oct. 17

I spoke to a dear friend this weekend. She, too, experienced a weird week last week - having seen both trouble with electronics and communications between people. So I know I was not the only one, and she lives hundreds of miles from me so it wasn't regional, either.
I spent the weekend having the most interesting time at a large tradeshow for my new job. The show itself was fun, it was the getting to and from that was interesting. I learned very quickly how to hail a cab. Having never done it in my life~ I can now say I'm no longer a beginner. Perhaps it was easy because I'm relatively tall and a red head with long arms. One God-send of a cabbie caught me running down a flight of steps and across a parking lot and still got me where I wanted to go. Now that's an eagle eye. I tipped him well.
In many ways I am Marlo Thomas in the big city. It is not safe for me. I'm too approachable- if that's possible. We won't talk about the lack of umbrella or raincoat as I ran from one train station to another downtown in a suit and heels. I feel so urban now. I wonder if I look "cool" and "polished," too~ LOL.
Nope I'm still me. What adventures did you have this weekend?

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