Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oct. 4

Today's subject is the horror of not finding chocolate chips in the cupboard. (Just kidding, I'm sure there are far worse horrors in the world. So let's say- the complaint...) What happens when I want a gluten-free cookie and it's 9 pm? Well, I make them, of course. The trouble is that I didn't have any chocolate chips. This almost never happens. Anyone who knows me, knows I always have chocolate in my house. But alas, not tonight. So what did I do? I made trail mix cookies. I used the chocolate chip cookie base but instead of chips, I added the same amount of dried cranberry, white chocolate, walnut trail mix. The result? A cookie jar of yum!
What good things have you come up with in a pinch?


  1. What a great idea! I put pork & beans all the time when I can't find chili beans in the cupboard.

  2. Those cookies sound too good, you should market them!

  3. LOL~ Linda, I thought you were going to put pork and beans into cookies- guess I'm tired. But then I understood that they work instead of chili beans.
    Hi Marty, thanks! They are yummy!