Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oct. 5

Today I was talking with a wonderful gal at my Doctor's office about reading. She told me she has my book but hasn't gotten to it yet as she has a stack on her night stand. I laughed and told her I have the same issue. She loves to read but can only do it in spurts. I agreed. For me though if it's a time issue, than writing comes first, reading second. I received a new stack of books today that my friends have out. Some I will take to get signed, but most won't get read for at least three months. I used to be a one book to the bitter end kind of reader-good, bad or indifferent I would not start a second book until I read the entire contents. But as I've slowed down on my reading, I've gotten to the point of selection. If I'm not the audience for the book, I won't finish it. Or I'll start another and mix it up. There are times when I have a book in every room. You can tell how much I enjoy the author by whether it is a living room book, a kitchen book, a bedroom book, a laundry room book or well, anywhere else.
Are you a one book at a time reader or a book in every room kind? Did that change over time?


  1. I'm beginning to be a mixer too. There's just soooo many stories out there to read.

  2. Hi Linda, I agree! btw~ I got your newsletter and it looked wonderful. Congrats on all the sales. Cheers!